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  • 466,12 €

    Undersuit BZ 400X, now with new sporty design, is the warmest undersuit in offer. It is designed for diving in water temperature less than 7°C. It is also ideal for long deep diving, with decompression. Best divers and instructors helped us develop this undersuit.

    466,12 €
  • 466,12 €

    Ladies First undersuit, with great, feminine design basing on BZ400X style is the warmest undersuit in our offer. New details proposal underlines the feminine look and goes in line with Ladies First drysuit. It is designed for diving in water temperature less than 7°C. It is also ideal for long deep diving, with decompression.

    466,12 €
  • 400,00 €

    The insulating layer in this Comfort BZ 200 undersuit is made of high class compressed Thinsulate™ 200 type. This type of insulation absorbs less than 1% of moisture in relation to its weight, so even in damp conditions, Thinsulate™ retains its insulating ability. This breathable material guarantees the thermal balance in diver’s body.

    400,00 €
  • 400,00 €

    SANTI FLEX 190 With the revolutionary, patented slim insulation from Climashield® SANTI offers the most innovative spring/summer diving undersuit ever – no bulk, great flexibility thanks to four-way stretch, top level breathability and very easy care.

    400,00 €
  • 665,29 €

    New generation of the Heated SANTI BZ400 undersuit gives you the best thermal protection under water. It keeps you warm and comfortable while heating even when the batteries are low or completely drained. New generation of heating wire covered with ultra-soft, silicone isolation resistant to breaking. Innovative, synthetic power cable resistant to high...

    665,29 €
  • 293,39 €

    The Arctic's two layers of high insulation and low bulk fabric ensure exceptional levels of thermal protection, now with 80% Recycled Polyester in the outer and 100% Recycled Polyester in the internal layer. Constructed with comfort and utility in mind, the minimalist design provides outstanding performance under drysuits.

    293,39 €
  • 314,88 €

    SANTI KANGO is a one-piece undersuit, made with highest density Polartec Power Stretch fleece. Designed to provide the desired level of warmth, maximum flexibility, and comfort, this suit is an ideal companion for exploring cold and moderate water depths for shorter and recreational dives.

    314,88 €
  • 149,45 €

    Undergarments TECLINE 3D MOBILITY series 290 and 490 are designed for demanding divers diving in cold waters. The best materials and the most advanced technologies have been used by its manufacturing.

    149,45 €
  • 36,36 €


    36,36 €
  • 217,36 €

    The Heated Gloves are designed as a part of the SANTI heating system consisting of the gloves, thermovalve/connector and an external battery canister. This configuration allows a diver to wear the gloves under the dry gloves without additional valve and dangers associated with internal batteries.

    217,36 €
  • 160,33 €

    Drysuit inflation valve connector is designed to be used with SANTI heating system products. This adapter takes an external standard E/O connector through a standard suit inflation valve and provides power connection to a heated product under the drysuit.

    160,33 €
  • 20,00 €

    Warm Beanie Hat made of Pontetorto TecnoStretch®. Thanks to its well-thought-out tailoring fits perfectly to the head.

    20,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 30 items