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Our stores

Freatic Sports SL - Castillejos, 166 - 08013 Barcelona - Telf.: +34 934 615 970 - Mon-Fri: 10:00h-14:00h / 16:30h-20:30h - Sat: 10:00h-14:00h

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Secure payment


To formalize an order payment by credit card, you will connect to the Servired payment gateway, in a data encryption environment through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and the system will redirect you to the virtual TPV module Servired-Banco de Sabadell to arrange payment.

From that moment in the address bar of your browser will be displayed the https prefix instead of the usual http, it indicates that the exchange of information is done safely.

Your credit card data shall not in any case be registered in our system, since when you do the payment this data is sent directly to Servired properly encrypted with SSL.



If your credit card has a chip, Servired may ask you in an additional screen to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN)


Once the process is finished, the system will confirm the conclusion of your order and assign it an authorization number, and then you can return to the Freatic store where you can check the status of your order.

Likewise you will receive an email with all the order information indicating that your purchase was successful.