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MEANDRE Explo 1 Headlamp Kit 2.6

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Meandre Explo 1 lamp connected directly to the ba.ttery box 2.6Ah. Kit ready to be mounted on a helmet (without connector). Supplied with a 2.6Ah battery (mounting plates not included). It can be used in caving, caving diving and also in other outdoor activities

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Meandre Explo 1 lamp connected directly to the ba.ttery box 2.6Ah. Kit ready to be mounted on a helmet (without connector). Supplied with a 2.6Ah battery (mounting plates not included). It can be used in caving, caving diving and also in other outdoor activities

This kit includes:

  • An Explo lamp 1. Ref: AS 18.18.002_00
  • A battery case 2.6Ah. Ref: AS 17.48.001_00
  • An Ansmann 11.1V 2.6Ah Li-ion battery. Ref: AS 16.45.004_00
  • An Ansmann 11.1V Li-ion charger. Ref: AS 17.39.001_00
  • A 50cm cable connecting the lamp to the battery box.
  • The lamp is connected directly to the battery box. (no connector)
  • Weight of the set: (battery, battery box, lamp) 430g.
  • Mounting plates on helmet not included
  • Helmet not included

Main Features:

Luminous flux: from 100 to 3000lm in 5 modes:

  • Mode 1: LED LARGE 120 ° only set at 7% of the power, ie at 100 lumens (eco mode or survival)
  • Mode 2: LED LARGE 120 ° only set at 20% of power, ie at 300 lumens (progression mode)
  • Mode 3: LED LARGE 120 ° only set at 100% power, ie at 1500 lumens (wide beam at maximum power)
  • Mode 4: 10 ° SPOT LED only set at 100% power, ie 1500 lumens (narrow beam at maximum power)
  • Mode 5: LED SPOT 10 ° + LED LARGE 120 ° together set to 100% power each 2 x 1500 lumens

Operating Voltages: This lamp operates in voltage ranges of 7 to 8.5Vdc and 10 to 12Vdc.30W max

(the product also operates between 8.5 to 10Vdc but the battery end prevention function is not reliable then because we are on a common voltage range between a battery of 8.5V fully charged and a battery of 10V at the end of charge)

Swithc ON, change of modes and Switch OFF:

  • Switch ON: Press the push button on the back of the lamp for 3 to 4 seconds. The lamp always starts in mode 1
  • Mode change: Press the button once to go to the next mode.
  • The sequencyr of the modes is very simple: 1-2-3-4-5 ---- 1-2-3 ....
  • Switch off: Press the push button on the back of the lamp for 3 to 4 seconds regardless of the mode.

Amagnetic: YES

Color temperature: 6000K.

Water resistance: IP 69 to -150m max depth

Flicker frequency in modes 1 and 2: 1500 hertz (no modulation in modes 3, 4 and 5)

Materials: body: 7000 series CNC machined aluminum, anodized Glass: Polycarbonate Plastic parts: PBT loaded fiber for some

Burn times (*):


Luminous Flux (Lumens)

Bat. Li-ion 11.1V 2.6Ah
















(*) These values ​​are estimated, calculated from the mode 3 values ​​in their respective columns. The others were validated during laboratory tests under ambient air at 20 ° C +/- 1

Do not leave the battery connected when it is not in use. The pulsator switch system consumes a little energy continuously and this will discharge the battery

Warning of discharged battery:

Whatever the mode, when the battery reaches the end of its charge, the user is warned by an unmistakable visual effect.

The light goes out 300 milliseconds every 20 seconds. In no case, the lamp will trap you by extinguishing without warning.

Of course, as soon as this signal is activated, you will have to replace your battery as soon as possible

The principle is to control the output voltage of the battery. As soon as this voltage becomes too low, the electronics detects it and activates the prevention module.

Warranty conditions:

-The lamp is warranted for use under the prescribed temperature conditions (-40, + 50 ° C) and under the conditions of use for which it is intended.

-Warranty is void if:

  • 1-The cable sealing gland has been dismantled,
  • 2-The window has been broken or cracked. This means that the lamp has taken a shock of extreme violence, we can not ensure a good functioning in these conditions.
  • 3-If the glass has been dismantled and reassembled in a humid environment.
  • 4-If the glass has been incorrectly mounted5-If the lamp has been connected by reversing the polarities

Precautions: The lamp has a high light output and can damage a person's view if it is exposed to the LED beam. Therefore, avoid pointing the lamp at the eyes or looking at the lamp when it is in the operating mode.

DANGER: Do not put within reach of children.

Risk of explosion.

The batteries are Lithium-ion batteries. They must not suffer any significant impact and especially not be damaged. Although all connectors are indexed in polarity, avoid the risk of reversing the + and the - at a potential "DIY"

Meandre Technologies guarantees the Ansmann batteries only with the use of Ansmann chargers.

Battery boxes

Manufactured by Méandre-Technologie, the 2.6Ah battery packs are composed of a housing and a cover, a o-ring seal, 2 closure screws with plastic head allowing an opening by hand.

These boxes are delivered with the cable mounted through their sealing gland to ensure the best possible seal.

Housing and lid material: Aerospace grade anodized aluminum.

Cable Features: Reinforced sheath for severe military and industrial use. Please be careful not to bend it.

Sealing: IP 69 warranty for 150m max depth. Make sure that the seal is always clean and that the battery cable has not been pinched by the lid before closing the cover


Model 2.6Ah: case only: 130g .------ battery alone: ​​141g ------ is 270g all

Closing of the lid ensured by 2 stainless steel screws with plastic heads. tightening should only be done by hand. (no clamp or any tool)

Be careful to position the wire. The battery box has been designed so that it does not have to bend the wire out of battery but a little further. This will avoid over cutting or loosening electronics embedded in the battery.

Electrical connection: The connection between the battery box and the battery is done through a JST connector.

Caution: The connector must be handled with care not to damage it. Do not unplug by pulling on the wires but tightening the red plastic part between 2 fingers on each side.

Red LEDs inside the lamp head:
The Meandre lamps whatever the model (Meandre 1.0, Explo 1 and UK) contain 2 red LEDs inside the case. These 2 LEDs have specific roles. See below their operation:

Red LED in the bottom of the lamp:
This LED is used to validate the correct operation of the push button. It lights up when pushing the button. It goes off when it is released. If it is lit continuously, the push button is faulty. In this case, contact us.

Red LED in the foreground:
This LED is part of the end of battery prevention system. When the battery reaches the end of charging, this LED lights up. Follows the system of micro cut of the lighting. If this LED is lit while the battery is fully charged, contact us