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Freatic Sports SL - Castillejos, 166 - 08013 Barcelona - Telf.: +34 934 615 970 - Mon-Fri: 10:00h-14:00h / 16:30h-20:30h - Sat: 10:00h-14:00h

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About us, Freatic Sports SL

Our begining

Freatic was born in January 2009 as a project to provide quality training in the field of cave diving and technical diving. Over time we have seen also necessary to provide equipment for those who like us, are seeking the best products to carry out their activities with the best guarantees, that's why in October 2011, by the hand of Hilari Moreno and Josep Guarro, Freatic Sports SL was founded.


Our company

Freatic Sports SL

Castillejos, 166

08013 Barcelona

Telf. (+34) 934 615 970


NIF/ VAT: ES B65663130

Registered at Regsitre Mercantil de Barcelona, Volum 42866, Foli 29, Full B 416533, Inscripció 1